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Privacy Policy

Dear valued customers, it is very imperative you go through the company / privacy policies as stated below.

  • Confirm your goods before leaving the company premises after purchase.
  • Goods purchased and confirmed okay cannot be returned after payment.
  • Ensure you obtain evidence of payment from the cashier for goods bought.
  • The customer takes custody and possession of his/her goods once payment is made. (Goods are at the customer’s risk).
  • Healthylife Global Concept is not liable for any goods damaged in transit with the customer.
  • Payment for goods bought is made directly into Healthylife Global Concept's account.
  • Marketing another MLM within Healthylife Global Concept premises is prohibited if caught will be deregistered.
  • Healthylife Global Concept is not liable for any loss of money resulting from malfunctioning of POS or other electronic means of payment in course of transacting business with the company among others. Thank you